Real Money Bingo Network

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Who wants all the hassle of dealing with wagering requirements? These pesky T&Cs are always getting in the way of a good time and lots of players simply don’t want to bother with them at all.

The Real Money Bingo Network from the folks over at Dragonfish is the first of a kind of network that gets rid of these rubbish requirements.

A New Type of Bingo

The Dragonfish Real Money Bingo Network is completely separate from the regular Dragonfish Network and does things a bit differently. They preach the idea of no wagering requirements bingo to their players and really stick by the idea too. Now, you might think that if you’re not getting wagering requirements then you’re not getting freebies either – but this isn’t true!

This network launched in 2017 and was the first of its kind. While we’ve seen no wagering bingo
sites before, this network is the first is to exclusively offer this type of bingo across all of their sites.

The network began by converting some sites over and then they’ve also launched some new ones too.

Sites and Special Offers

This network isn’t quite as large as the main Dragonfish network, nor is it likely to be anytime soon. Zinger Bingo, Hunky Bingo and Blighty Bingo were already on the main network, but they switched over to this one. If you did have an account with one of these sites, it will be migrated to another on the network with similar terms, as it would simply get messy if they tried to switch their bingo offerings around for existing players.

This does mean that you will need to sign up to a new account to play on one of these free bingo no wagering requirements but that’s not always a bad thing. It does mean that you will get to claim their first deposit bonus, regardless of whether you’ve deposited with that particular site before.

The welcome offer on all of the sites is effectively 700%, though this is made up of free tickets and spins rather than funds. This can be seen as a bit more difficult for players, as you don’t actually get to choose the games you play on. It’s a fair trade for no wagering requirements though.

Is there a Catch?

Savvy players will most likely realise that there has to be a trade off somewhere to play with no wagering requirements. The bonuses are a bit more modest and not quite as diverse, but this is really only a minor point. These sites appear to pay out fairly and reward players in a way that’s similar to the rest of the network but with additional perks. There are some trade-offs for players, but not necessarily any glaring downsides.

In Summary

This is a network that should go onto great things, we’re certainly anticipating some goodies from it. With all of the perks and bonuses, as well as the obvious positive aspect of zero wagering, we’re interested to see how this turns out.

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