Bingo Sites with No Wagering Requirements

If you’re an avid bingo player then you’ve probably come up against the concept of wagering requirements. These are in place for a number of reasons but as they can be complicated, some players prefer to look for no wagering requirements bingo sites instead.

Best Sites to Play without Wagering Requirements

Finding no wagering requirements bingo sites can be tricky but we’ve picked out some.

What Are Wagering Requirements?

Wagering requirements generally apply to any bonus funds that you receive from a site. These can be low or high, depending on the operator, and they signify how many times you would need to wager your bonus for it to become cash.

When you’re trying to get yourself sorted with cashing out on bonus bucks, you have to play with a bit of thought as to how you’re going to do that. For example, you might love playing penny games, but are they really going to help you meet the requirements? You’re more likely to meet them if you start to play with the likes of £1, as this gives you 100x the power behind you.

Sites tend to work their wagering requirements in different ways, some of them apply them to the bonus, whereas on others they can apply to your deposit and the bonus. This makes it harder to cash out, as the wagering requirements apply to a larger value.

Some wagering requirements can also be sticky, which means they stick to your account, whereas others can be cashed out. There may even be time limits to think about, in which you have to have wagered through all of your funds.

Are there Different Types of Wagering Requirements?

Different sites can dictate that you have to do different things to turn your bonus into cash. For example:

  • Some sites won’t allow you to withdraw anything until these are met.
  • Other sites will let you withdraw, but any bonuses that you haven’t cleared will disappear from your balance.
  • Wagering requirements can also be higher on some sites if you use a voucher, rather than paying in cash. Some Neteller bingo sites even add wagering requirements on your real cash balance.
  • Not all games contribute the same amount to wagering requirements, casino games generally contribute less. They may only amount to 20% of the wagering requirement, so you may thing you’re on your way to changing your bonus to real cash but only a fifth of your wagers count.

Looking at these, it’s easy to see why we always tell our readers to have a good look in the T&Cs, as these are all changeable.

What’s the Catch?

These no wager bingo sites are built on the ‘keep what you win’ model, which mean your winnings are automatically turned to cash. In comparison to low wagering requirement sites, there may be other T&Cs in place to protect against money laundering or bonus abuse.

When it comes down to picking a new site to play on, many players first focus on the no deposit bonus whereas others take into account being able to play bingo no wagering requirements or low minimum deposit.

Obviously getting your hands on a no deposit bonus is ideal if you don’t want to spend anything to try out a site, but if you get one of these from a high wagering requirement site then you won’t be able to convert these into cash.

You may select a site because it has low wagering or a no deposit bonus, but when you come to deposit you might have to spend £10-£20 per transaction. That’s a lot of money for some players, so they prefer to use £3-£5 deposit sites instead.

However, some sites are beginning to offer bingo games, slots and bonuses with absolutely no wagering requirements at all. This means that any winnings that you accumulate from using bonus cash will be yours to keep and you will generally be able to make a withdrawal immediately, provided that you have met the minimum withdrawal limit.

Bingo sites with no wagering requirements may look fantastic on the surface but other limitations can come into play here. For example, some sites may cap the winnings that you can accumulate from bonuses meaning that you will have a maximum amount of cash that you can win before wagering rules come into play again. Yet, again it is about fully understanding your offer and reading the T&Cs carefully.

These things will each have their own impact on your bingo time, so take each into account. Wagering requirements will probably have the largest effect, as they influence every single bonus that you get or spend. Compare all of them to ensure you don’t get any nasty surprises when you play online.

Get More for Less

If you want to make the most of your deposits and bonuses, then these aspects are what you should be looking for.

No or Low Wagering Requirements

We touched up on these above and they will always affect your time online and how much you can withdraw. Even if you don’t play on a bingo with no wagering requirements site, you can play on one with low wagering requirements. Understanding wagering requirements is half the battle, as you want to be aware of what’s going on in your bankroll.


The return to player that a site or game has is incredibly important. This is an average of how often the site will pay out, so always look for ones that are statistically more likely to pay out.

Minimum Bets and Deposits

A minimum bet or a minimum deposit will impact how much of a bonus you have to use or how much of your own cash you need to add to your account. Check into these before you start playing on a site, as you don’t want to find out you have to deposit a lot before you can withdraw.

Caps on your Winnings

If you’re using a free bingo bonus or a no deposit bonus then there may be caps in place to prevent you from winning too much. This could be a set amount per spin or an overall conversion allowance.

Excluded Games

The type of bonus that you get will affect the games you can play, some will be restricted to bingo and others to casino. Some sites don’t make this distinction but still have games that are off limits. Progressive jackpot slots or big jackpot bingo games may only allow you to pay in cash for your chance to win.

Welcome Package

Look at all facets of the welcome package on a site and compare it against competitors. This means checking out the value of any spins, weighing up deposit vs no deposit and more. Make sure you’re in for the best value for money that you can get.

Deposit Bonuses

Make sure you’re getting the most for your money when you make a deposit too. While you may get perks for becoming a funded player, you want to make sure you’re getting good value too. Look for sites that have bonuses for reloads too, as you’ll want to get some additional cash there too.

Cashback on Losses

When you lose, it’s never a great feeling. To make you feel better, some sites will give you cashback at a certain percentage. These are usually bonus funds to give you a bit extra to play with, even if you’ve lost some of your money.

All of this information can be found in the fine print of a site, many support teams will also be able to help you with these if you’re finding them a bit complicated.

The Future of Wagering Requirements

The future of wagering requirements and bingo bonuses has been very much in the spotlight recently especially in the UK. Indeed, there has been much discussion on the subject and this has led the UK government to roll out some new regulations which are now affecting bingo operators and players all over the UK.

This has led to the belief that the no deposit bonus could be a thing of the past and many bingo operators have already revised their offers and had them replaced. Essentially, the UK government is changing the way that bonuses are taxed meaning that no deposit bonuses simply aren’t worth it anymore for certain bingo operators.

Many networks and sites are now replacing their no deposit offers with new welcome bonuses such as free spins or the offer of games with lower or no wagering requirements. Indeed, a lot of prolific sites are now offering the chance to spin a prize wheel with goodies such as free spins and Amazon gift vouchers up for grabs.

However, some sites are sticking by their no deposit bonuses and continue to offer them to new players. It certainly is a hot topic at the moment and many bingo operators are even considering their own rules on wagering. Many of the bigger bingo networks are revising their own rules and beginning to reduce their limits making it easier for players to withdraw jackpot prizes that they have won from bonuses.

We would argue that the bingo market is very much in a stage of transition thanks to these changes and many bingo operators are still deciding on how best to approach the new legislation. Bingo operators still want to offer value and be able to entice new players into signing up on a new site. However, this has to be balanced with making a profit so it could be a few months yet before the market settles down.

We expect to have a clearer picture over the next few months and this could lead to many more no wagering bingo and casino sites making a name for themselves. We will certainly keep an eye on the market and bring you any relevant news on wagering and bingo bonuses as we get it.


With all of these different T&Cs affecting what you can win from your bonus funds, it’s important for you to stay sharp. Look at more than just the bonus amount you’re getting, consider those wagering requirements and the further affect they can have on your balance. Or stick with those no wager bingo sites to get rid of some of that hassle.

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