iPhone Bingo

Thanks to mobile bingo games there’s no need to ever stop playing, winning and chatting with friends. Those who have iPhones can play on special iPhone bingo sites, which are nicely scaled down versions of the full sites.

Top Sites to Play on Your iPhone

Already know all there is to know about playing on your mobile? Then skip right ahead to checking out these sites:

Cheers Bingo

Cheers to a generous welcome: spin the wheel for up to 500 free spins!

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Lucky Cow Bingo

Holy Cow! Join Lucky Cow Bingo, spin the wheel and win up to 500 free spins or free bingo tickets!

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Pros and Cons of Playing Bingo on Your iPhone

The biggest positive effect that playing on your iPhone will have on your bingo time is that it’s more convenient. Gone are the days of sitting at your laptop or desktop computer, instead you can recline and play where it’s convenient. iPhone bingo lets you play on the go too, so if you’re always rushing from A to B then this type of bingo will appeal to you.

Another pro is that the bingo can be more responsive and fun to play from a touchscreen device, especially if it’s built with mobile players in mind. All of the sites above will bring you brilliant iPhone bingo games at the touch of a button.

A con of playing this type of bingo is that it can run down your iPhone battery pretty quickly, but if you charge up often then you shouldn’t have any issues. Another way that it might affect your phone is the amount of space that it can consume on your device, though with iPhones now carrying lots of storage it’s not too much of an issue.

How Do They Compare to Other Devices

Your shiny iPhone is capable of a lot of different things, including playing bingo games, but how does it size up to the competition?

In some ways they can be better than Android devices, as they have brighter screens and can have faster processors than older Android models. These bright HD screens look fantastic when you’re playing optimised slot games made for purpose.

The Android does have the upper hand when it comes to pricing and storage, as the latter can be added with external storage devices. This only really comes into play if you choose to download bingo apps, as detailed below.

When compared to tablets, the iPhone can be much better for playing bingo, as it doesn’t stretch the screen ratio. This means that there’s less chance of you playing in a lobby that looks grainy or not as good.

Downloadable Vs Browser Apps

iPhone bingo apps are the chosen software of many players but you can also choose to play through your browser. Using the Safari app, players can access many of the same bingo sites that they enjoy but use the optimised version instead.

If you’re playing often then an app might be more suitable, as it’s quicker to load on a regular basis though it takes more time initially. The browser version can be better if you want to log in quickly when you’re playing on your iPhone and want to save space on the device.

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