1tg 2tg and 3tg Games

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Did you know there are chances to get bingo prizes even if you don’t manage to complete one or two lines or the full house? it’s true, and it’s tied up in 1tg bingo, 2tg bingo, and 3tg bingo games. We’re going to find out what’s what right here.

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What are 1tg, 2tg, and 3tg games?

Isn’t it frustrating to be one, two, or three numbers away from getting that full house to grab the best bingo prize available? 

With 1tg, 2tg, and 3tg bingo games, you might just be in a winning position even if you don’t manage the full house. The names for these games give away the position you need to be in to stand a chance of getting a prize:

  • 1tg – just one number to go to get the full house
  • 2tg – two numbers away
  • 3tg – three numbers to go 

You won’t find these games everywhere, but certain bingo sites do occasionally offer them. They get plenty of attention too – we wonder why?!

Win even when you lose!

You probably know what you need to do to win at bingo. In a standard 90-ball bingo game, you’ve got several possibilities:

  1. Complete one line to win
  2. Complete two lines to win
  3. Complete the full house to win

With 1 to go bingo, 2 to go bingo, and 3 to go bingo, you get more chances to grab a prize even if you don’t get any of the traditional prizes. It’s worth looking for games with these options, as you know you could get a return on your ticket even if you lose out on the main prizes.

What can you win?

There are several opportunities to scoop something you’ll love when playing these bingo games:

  • Real cash – probably the best prize of all, a cash prize deposited in your account
  • Bonus funds – available to use on other games at the relevant site, slots and casino games included (not just bingo)
  • Prizes – sometimes you might spot tangible prizes too, such as vouchers or anything else that needs to be posted to you
  • Bingo lines – some games offer bingo tickets as prizes, so you can play those without paying for them and still be in with a chance of winning

Don’t forget the Ts and Cs

Okay, so these are far from the most fascinating part of playing these bingo games. However, you should always read the terms and conditions because they tell you exactly how the 1tg, 2tg, and 3tg games work and what to expect from them. Wagering requirements are often used and can be very different from those listed in the general Ts and Cs for a site, so don’t get caught out.

Are you going to give this type of bingo a try?

If you regularly find yourself frustrated at just missing out on that full house prize, these alternative bingo games could be the solution. You’re still not guaranteed to receive prizes, of course, but if you get close to a full house you could be in line for a nice prize anyway.

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