Reasons Behind Happier, Richer Bingo Players!

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What do you think of bingo games? Do you merely play them because you like them, or have you thought about their potential to improve your life? If that sounds odd, get ready for some surprising information about just how good bingo is.

Bingo makes you smarter

Yes, bingo can act as great brain exercise. One study discovered that bingo players tended to have better mental abilities than people who never played bingo. When you think about it, looking for and matching numbers on your bingo cards requires great concentration and focus.

You’ll be challenged to match those numbers quickly too, before the next ones are drawn. While some bingo sites do have autodaub options, you’ll only be able to exercise your brain if you ignore these. Whoever would imagine that bingo could be included in a selection of brain exercise games?!

Think about these ways to train your brain even more:

  • Break away from your usual bingo games to try something different
  • Bingo games have 30, 50, 75, 80, or 90 balls, each giving you different ways to win prizes
  • Pattern bingo requires greater concentration when trying to match the correct pattern

Bingo makes you happier

So, we know bingo makes you smarter than people who never play it. However, did you know it can make you happier as well? Yep – therapeutic bingo is a thing.

It makes sense this would be the case if you consider what happens when you play. If you want to keep up with the ball drawings, you need to be focused on your card and on the numbers being called. That requires concentration – and that takes your mind away from anything else you might be concerned about or brooding over.

Many people play bingo to relax, and while we tend to associate this with participating in games in bingo halls, the therapeutic benefits are there for those who play online too. Next time you play online bingo, think about how you must focus on what is happening to make sure you don’t miss a call.

There are other benefits too:

  • It’s easy to understand and play
  • Newbies can get started in minutes once they have signed up to a site
  • You can play free bingo or bingo games for pennies at a time
  • You can treat it as a pastime or hobby

You can get rich!

We all know people end up as bingo winners every day. While lots of players scoop small prizes rather than large ones, some do end up with the biggest prizes of all. One man managed to turn a 30p bet into a £5.9 million jackpot on the Butlers Bingo website online in 2012.

This is certainly the exception rather than the rule, but you simply never know what your next bingo game could bring. Many of them have prizes for one line, two lines, or the full house – and some have progressive jackpots to be won as well.

Who knew bingo was this entertaining and useful?

While bingo might seem like an entertaining pastime, it has much more to offer as we can see. Perhaps that is one more reason why you love it so much.

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