Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is in relation to the site The site has agreed to divulge its information practices, as a way of making evident its dedication to protecting your privacy. This policy applies to this site only and does not necessarily reflect the practices of companies or persons not under the management of New Sites For Bingo.

Your Info and Privacy

When you sign up to New Sites For Bingo, you will be asked for some personal information. This information will include, but will not be limited to, your full name and Email address. New Sites For Bingo may sometimes use this information to forward you information about promotions, news and events on the site. This is a part of the information service which you have signed up to. If, when you sign up to the site, you decide that you do not want to receive emails or newsletters, you can opt out of the service by following the information which is laid out in their email messages. New Sites For Bingo will cover all avenues in order to protect the privacy and confidentiality of any information you give us, and third parties will not be granted access to this information for any reason, unless for legal reasons. New Sites For Bingo has put significant effort into its security services, including its database, backup system, server, firewall, providers and encryption techniques in order to be able to effective protect your privacy and information as it is entered on the site.

All employees of New Sites For Bingo are required to comply with the privacy policy terms, including after the employee has left New Sites For Bingo, regardless of their reasons for leaving.

NewSitesForBingo’s Use of Cookies

Cookies are used by a site to ascertain information about the computer or device being used by a visitor to the site. New Sites For Bingo may have to use cookies to pick up information on your computer or device, as this will help us to improve our website. We sometimes may pick up information on your general internet usage, which can be done using the cookie. These cookies will be transferred to your computed and kept on your hard drive. The information will not reveal personal facts about you, and is just statistical data. However, if you wish to decline cookies, you can adjust your computers settings so that your computer is able to reject them. Advertisers may also opt to use cookies, and New Sites For Bingo cannot take responsibility for this.