Music Themed Slots

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Themed slots seem to be all the rage these days, as players look for games that really appeal to them. Games with a theme can be attractive to players and today we’re looking at the top musical themed ones out there. Stick with us to learn all about them!

Best Sites for Musical Slots

If you’re looking for bingo sites with a variety of different slots, then check out the following ones:

Wink Bingo – You can’t go wrong with this site as they have hundreds of games at their disposal, you can even play them on your mobile.

Bingo Hollywood – Start your time on this site with 25 free spins on Fluffy Too, you don’t even need to deposit to get them!

Head to one of these sites and check out the T&Cs for further information.

Our Favourite Slots to Rock Out With

If you’re interested in these types of games, then we have a few suggestions for you as these are our top music themed slots:

The Jimi Hendrix Slot

This was a part of the NetEnt Rocks series and there are so many fantastic aspects of playing the Jimi Hendrix slot. There are different types of free spins to unlock, pick to win bonuses and even randomly occurring bonuses.

The theme of the game is great and you’ll feel like you’re jamming with the man himself as you spin those reels. It’s newbie friendly too, as all of the betting options are clearly displayed for players. You can check this game out on either of the sites that we’ve recommended above.

Michael Jackson

If anyone deserves a music themed game, it’s the King of Pop. Take the Michael Jackson slot for a spin to bop along to all of your favourite tunes from the singer. This slot contains all the star power that you would expect and many of the symbols are based on iconic elements of this singer, like his hat and glove.

The wild reels are particularly rewarding within this game and can turn a modest wager into a much larger jackpot before your eyes. Both Wink Bingo and Bingo Hollywood have this game, so feel free to take your pick of whichever site you like best.

Guns N Roses

The Guns N Roses slot also comes from the NetEnt Rocks group of games and it really does rock. If you like games with a lot of different features then you’ll enjoy this game, as it has a full paytable of special symbols. These include wild overlays, spinning record bonuses and free spins too.

There’s even a setlist within this game that allows you to pick your favourite song from the band to play to. This is ideal for big fans as they get to rock out to their favourite hits while snapping up those awesome jackpots. Again, you can play this slot on either of the sites above for your chance at glory.


Finally, we come to the Motorhead slot, which is definitely for the hardcore rock fans out there. This metal themed slot game sounds, looks and is amazing – even if you’re not a fan of their music you’ll be a fan of the jackpots. The reels of this game are revolutionary, as they come in a triangular form instead of the usual rectangle.

The Motorhead symbol plays a key role within this game and the flaming reels make it look like a stage show. This is a very rewarding slot and it’s available to play over at Wink Bingo if you fancy it.

What We Love About Music Themed Slots

You may be wondering why we love these games so much, here are a couple of aspects that we like about them:

  • Symbols – With many themed slots, the symbols are also themed to help convey the topic or band that it’s about. These can be items from the band’s logo, songs or instruments and they’re usually a lot more exciting than the usual poker symbols you get on some games.
  • Soundtrack – No musical game would be complete without a killer soundtrack and we really enjoy listening to our top tunes as we spin the reels. It’s even better if you get to pick the song, as you can work your way through a playlist of songs.
  • Payouts – Slot games are generally very rewarding and adding a musical element doesn’t really affect that too much. If it’s a new, popular game then the chances are the payouts are better than some traditional three reel games.


There are musical slot games that focus on just about every genre, not just the ones we’ve listed here. If you sign up to one of our recommended sites, you’ll be able to play on all sorts of different games, though you will definitely be ready to rock with these games.

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