Bingo Sites with Slots

While Bingo is many online gamblers favourite game, there’s a whole new world to try out there featuring highly entertaining and fun slots. If you’re not sure whether you want to take that leap yet, why not try a site that combines both for the ultimate gaming experience? The best bingo sites with slots feature both your favourite bingo games and slots so you’ll never be bored again!

Best Bingo Sites with Slots

Here are some of our favourite new bingo sites with slots that we think you should check out:

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These sites tend to be much more popular for players as they provide a good balance between bingo and slots, whereas casino sites are usually more restricted in what they offer.

Why Play Slots on a Bingo Site?

There are loads of reasons why you should play on bingo sites with slots! These sites tend to be much more popular for players as they provide a good balance between bingo and slots, whereas casino sites are usually more restricted in what they offer.

One of the main advantages most players find is that they can keep track of their money easily switching between different games, but only having one account, rather than having to open multiple accounts on a variety of sites.

Just like everything else in life, sometimes too much of a good thing can become boring and these sites provide a good balance between the two and the opportunity to branch out and discover new games. Security is also a key issue for many players, but this is not compromised when using trustworthy sites.

What is/how do you Play Slots?

Slots game may seem complicated for anyone who has not yet played, but once you’ve had a few spins you’ll realise just how easy it really is! In the simplest of games, all a player is required to do let the game know how much they are comfortable betting by using the plus and minus symbols on screen and then clicking the spin button to begin.

If you haven’t had a go on the slots before you might be best to start of wagering low, and as you build your confidence, you can raise your wagers higher to play for larger sums of cash.

Normally, players are hoping to spot 3 or more symbols on their screen after spinning, which leads to a multiplier being given to their wager and eventually they can go on to win the jackpot. Free spins, bonus rounds, and special symbols can also increase a player’s win and create a huge jackpot to play for!

Types of Slots

If you want a quick rundown of the games that you can play in this genre, just check out our table below:

Type of Game Key Features and Characteristics
Classic 3 Reel Slots Simple games with just three reels and one payline to play with. Usually fruit themed, slightly less common in modern games.
Multi Payline Slots Bigger than three reel games, usually five or more reels. Players can play with a number of customisable or fixed paylines.
No Reel Slots There are some slot games that don’t actually have reels at all. They can have symbols suspended in the air or use a grid format instead.
Video Slots Just an umbrella term for most video games that you can play online.
3D Slots Games with 3D features, like characters, backgrounds, bonus features etc.
Flat Top and Progressive Slots Flat top slot games are ones that have an upper limit and the jackpots are credited as a multiple of your wager.

Progressive jackpots can have much larger jackpots, as each player that wagers on the game ends up contributing to the jackpot. These can be collected over a group of sites, network of games or just one game.

Flat top slots allow players to win more regularly, but the progressive jackpot allows you to potentially win much more. Also, the more you spend on flat tops, the more you can win but with progressive games, as long as you meet the minimum wager you can win the grand prize.

Free Slots Vs. Real Money Slots

There are both positives and negatives to playing with real money over playing free slot games and it all depends really on how much risk you want to take and what level you are comfortable sitting at. If you want to have a go to see if you enjoy slots, then check out the selection of free slots online.

Sites that play for real money offer a much larger library of games to choose from and are generally thought of as being much more fun to play when your wagering your own cash as the stakes are higher with more rewards to choose from than free slot games. Some sites do offer, however, a chance to play slots free and test them out before playing for real money.

How to Spin for Free on Bingo Sites

Look for the following offers if you want to spin the reels for free on your favourite bingo sites:

  • Slots bonuses
  • One off slots promotions
  • Free spins
  • VIP offers
  • Cashback slots bonuses
  • Trade loyalty points for free games
  • Refer a friend offers

If you want to spin those reels with slots bonus funds then look for the best offers from top bingo sites. Start with out fave sites and you’ll be guaranteed a great time.

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