Get More from Bingo Sites with Social Media

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When Facebook and Twitter first came online, not many brands or companies really made the most of the platforms. As time has gone on, more and more companies are accessing their user base and even rewarding them through social media. This is prevalent for bingo sites too, stick with us to learn how to get more from these sites on social media.

Sites with the Best Social Media Bonuses

To get you started, we’d suggest having a look at the social media bingo pages below:

mFortune Bingo – If you like freebies then you will most likely know about this brand already they’re great for mobile bingo and they have a £5 no deposit bonus. You should also be on their Facebook page too, as there are some great offers on here. They have loads of regular competitions for prizes from loyalty points to really big ones; like TVs and tablets.

Cheers Bingo – There are plenty of offers to help yourself to on this site, starting with the excellent welcome offer. This entitles you to a 250% bonus and a spin of the wheel to win up to £2500. On their social media, this brand shares exclusive reload bonuses that you can’t get anywhere else. Even other sites on the network don’t have these bonuses!

All T&Cs regarding bonuses on social media or on a site can be found on their site.

Can You Win Real Money By Liking/Following Your Favourite Site?

If you’re getting a Facebook bonus then you might want to turn that into real cash. With any type of bonus you want to be aware of the wagering requirements that apply. These tell you what you need to do to change a bonus into cash or even whether you can, as this isn’t always possible on every site.

What You’ll Get

Aside from perhaps getting a bonus for your Facebook likes or Twitter follows, there are some other benefits to getting involved on social media. A lot of perks that you see on social media are exclusive and you won’t even find them on the site. This could be a special deposit offer or even a prize giveaways.

Before a site is ready to reveal something officially they may give hints on social media. This could be a brand new game or promo, it’s always exciting to find something out first. These might even stop you from making a deposit until a promo starts or until you can get a bonus.

If there’s a big jackpot game then you’ll definitely want to keep your eyes peeled on social media. Many sites have flash sales in the lead up to a game and they’re never around for long. This could slash the price or even give you a BOGOF offer, it’s important to remember to move fast!

Even if a site sends you out an email about an offer, let’s face it you’re more likely to be on social media than in your inbox. Some bingo sites also have blogs that you can subscribe to or news alerts that are good to keep ahead of. The way companies use social media is changing and they want to chat to you as a friend.

Wait! There’s More

Well, that’s a whole load of perks to get you interested in bingo site’s social media but there are even more! Here are some of them:

  • Being part of a community is great and many players want to take this out of the rooms and onto social media. You can forge friendships here and even put faces to the aliases that you see in the rooms. Please take caution in doing this and never give out your details to someone you don’t know.
  • Suggested pages will appear based on your interests, so you may even find that other sites are suggested to you on Facebook. This might just get you into a new site or show you a new bonus that you didn’t know about.
  • Often we have a similar sense of humour to other bingo players and social media can unite us. Sites will often post memes and jokes that might just put a smile on your face or put you in a better mood. This is a little noted perk of being a part of the community is actually really fun.

It’s all about the social experience when it comes to social media and we love it. It’s fun to be a part of something like a site and interact over different platforms.


Social media can be a good way to get something for nothing but it can also be much more than that. Liking a page can get you into the community and even winning some cool prizes. Just be careful with your personal information and you’re good to go.

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