Speed Bingo Games

There are many different types of bingo games that have blossomed from the original 90 ball game. One of these varieties that reduces the time that the game takes is the aptly named Speed Bingo. Players may have seen this type of bingo game on some popular sites, so let’s take a look into what it’s all about.

Top Sites to Play Fast Paced Bingo Games

If you’re ready to speed off and play some fast paced bingo games here are the sites that we’ve scouted out for you.

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Fast Paced Bingo Games and Variants

Bingo players are now playing in lobbies everywhere from the couch to the bus, so it makes sense to have a couple of speedy versions of the game. We’re taking a look at some of the most exciting ones that you can find on the internet:

    • 30 Ball bingo is the most common of the speed bingo games that we’ll talk about, as it’s the standard version of the game. As the name would suggest, you play with just 30 balls and a card with just 9 numbers. Because of the reduced number of balls, it takes about a third of the time to play when compared to 90 ball bingo.
    • Flash Fives is a game that combines bingo and card games into one variation of bingo. Each player is given a strip of five playing cards and the 52 card deck will be called in a similar fashion to bingo balls. The winner of the game is the player that gets all five cards matched the quickest.
  • Finally we come to Swedish Bingo, which is played with 75 balls and a 5 x 5 card. Players win lines by dabbing off vertical or horizontal lines of numbers, the more the merrier. It differs to standard 75 ball bingo in that you don’t need to cover a pattern or the entire grid to win.

Free Speed Bingo Apps

If you have a mobile device that you want to use for some free speed bingo then take a look at the following apps:

    • Bingo Showdown is an app that can be played through Facebook and allows players to challenge on another to speed bingo tourneys. It has a Wild West theme and the fastest draw will win.
    • Next up, Bingo Madness, which has a fantastic speed daub tournament option for players. There’s a real competitive aspect to this game and you’ll have to learn how to daub quickly with accuracy too.
  • Last up on our list is Bingo Shootout, another app with a Wild West theme that puts players head to head. You’ll have just one minute to dab off your card as fast as possible by shooting through the numbers.

The Verdict on Speed Bingo

If you’re the kind of bingo player that loves the game and wants to play even faster then we’d recommend speed bingo. Check out some of these variations to find out if these games are truly for you. We’re sure you’ll love them.

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