Slot Symbols

When you first start playing on slot games, you may find yourself a bit confused by all the different terms that exist. In this article, we’ll be teaching you all about the symbols that you will encounter when playing and what they’ll do to your game.

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Standard Reel Symbols

The bulk of all slot machine symbols will be these ones, as they serve the most basic functions in the game. They work on a system of matching up three of them to trigger a jackpot. Generic symbols can include fruits or playing card symbols, as these are the easiest ones to place in most games. They can also have elements of the game’s main theme in there too.

Scatter Symbols

Scatter symbols come in handy as they are not bound to any paylines and can pay out no matter where they are. They are also usually the way that players get free spins, usually three of these symbols are enough to start the bonus round.

Bonus Symbols

If a game has an additional bonus round, then you may need bonus symbols to trigger it. Again, it’s usually a case of finding at least three of them to trigger the bonus. They can come in a range of forms, though the paytable will tell you exactly what to expect when you trigger them.

Wild Symbols

The name for these symbols comes from a shortened version of wildcard symbol, which basically means these symbols do as they please. They can take the place of most other symbols – though generally scatter symbols won’t be affected by them. They can appear as a single symbol, or in the following special forms:

  • Stacked Wilds and Wild Reels – If you’re playing a game with these wilds then they can appear in long formations that take up the whole reel. Wild reels can prove very valuable for players, as they let you match up more combinations than ever.
  • Multiplier Wilds – Far from just being able to make winning easier, wilds can also serve the function of multiplying what a combination is worth. These can drastically improve what you can win from the game and the upper level jackpot that you can win.
  • Expanding Wilds – A wild symbol can appear just like a single symbol but then expand to take up a larger area. This can change a boring, losing bet into a winning one.
  • Sticky, Frozen and Locked Wilds – When these kinds of wilds appear on the reels, they’ll stay there. You’ll get to spin the reels again, safe in the knowledge that your wild symbol will still be there and may even be added to by other wilds too.
  • Spreading or Walking Wilds – These wilds are some of the less common wilds, they work kind of like sticky wilds in that they will stay in the game for more than one spin but they’ll also move around from reel to reel.

Top Slots to Try

The following slot games will get you immersed in the world of slots and playing with all these cool

Unicorn Bliss – This fantasy themed game is one of the best for those that enjoy cutting lose with a bright and colourful game. The scatter symbol is your route to free spins and the wild will add extra multipliers onto your bet.

Stampede – Wild animals make up the majority of the symbols on these reels, though there are some special ones in there. Trigger the bonus round with the special bonus symbol or play in free spins with the scatter.

99 Time – Chill out with this ice cream based slot game, there are plenty of sweet treats to play with on the reels. Ice creams, sweets and even the ice cream man appear on these reels – the latter is the scatter for the game.

Piggy Payout – You don’t need to be afraid to get down and dirty with this slot, the symbols will
more than make up for a bit of muck. Wilds and scatters are au fait in this game, enjoy matching them up.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this in depth look at slot games, check out our other guides for even more information. Then have fun spinning and matching symbols.

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