What’s New in Bingo Payments

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If you think back even a few years ago, there were no options to pay online with the exception of using your card. Things have changed dramatically in the time since, as now we have a range of options at our disposal. We’re no longer restricted to just a few big names, there are up and coming payment types conquering the market.

These are the top ones that are emerging onto the bingo scene and we’re hoping to see them on more sites soon. Check them out to get ahead of the curve.


This one is obviously for the safety conscious, judging by its name, and this third party system works brilliantly. They handle all of the payments through their secure Safecharge server, so they’re not stored on the site. That means if there were to be a hack on the site, your details would not be affected.

They also offer fraud protection on transfers made through their cashier window, so you can deposit with confidence. That way, you know someone you can trust has your details and if anything were to go wrong you’d get your money back. Your card details are still stored on their servers and while they make every effort to protect them, some players don’t like this fact.


This payment method was designed specifically with gamers in mind, so it’s purpose built for us bingo fans. It was created in Sweden by a couple of gaming enthusiasts and it’s totally unique. It’s partially like paying with your phone bill but there’s also an element of an eWallet service in there too.

You download the app to your phone and then you can add purchases onto your phone bill or add funds with a credit card. A few online bingo sites have adopted this payment method already, as it really is the most convenient one out there. We think that Zimpler seems likely to be a big hit with the bingo community.


A few years ago, you simply couldn’t turn on the news without hearing about the cryptocurrency phenomenon. The way this works is that you buy a chain of numbers that no one else has and that’s your currency. Then, it changes in value depending on the going rate, if more people want to buy then the value of your currency will rise.

Bitcoin is the most famous cryptocurrency, though there are lots of other variations on this idea. Many people like this currency as it adds a bit of a gamble into when you sell it back, almost like buying stocks. Others don’t care for it as it can be a bit baffling to an outsider, though once you have your wallet set up it’s really easy to use.

These are our top three picks that we’re expecting to enter the bingo industry in a big way soon. Why not try one of them out for yourself, you might find that it becomes your new go to way to fund your account.

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