Best Bingo Rooms

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When you play bingo online, you’ll come across the idea of a bingo room. This is basically a place where you can play the same type of game, though certain aspects may change depending on the schedule. Join us as we examine the very best bingo rooms online.

Where to find the Best Bingo Rooms

If you’re looking for some fun sites with great rooms, then we suggest the following ones:

Wink Bingo

– This site has an excellent newbie room, where you can play for free for the first three days. They also have a brilliant VIP room for those that have been playing on the site for a while with exclusive jackpots. [Read full review]

Lucky Cow Bingo

– If you’re looking for jackpot game rooms then this is the site for you. They have daily, weekly and monthly versions with the jackpots getting bigger and bigger. [Read full review]

Bingo Hollywood

– Social roomies rejoice, the chat rooms are plentiful when you play at this bingo site. They love team events and hosted rooms, so you really get the fun filled experience. [Read full review]

Terms and conditions apply, just check out the site for more information.

Our Favourite Bingo Rooms

Stick with us as we examine each of the following bingo rooms to tell you what you can expect.

Newbie Rooms

These ones are open to new players and are often free bingo rooms that you can play in without a deposit. They are usually open for a set period, a few days on most sites, and then you can earn funds as you play through these games. With the bonus funds you earn you can even splash out on tickets in another room.

VIP Rooms

If you like to be rewarded for playing on your favourite bingo sites, then one with VIP rooms will be right for you. These are only open to the loyal players out there, though there may be gold, silver and bronze rooms for different tiers. They can act as incentives for players to spend a bit more to enter one with a bigger jackpot.

The other big draw with these rooms is that there are fewer players, so you have a higher chance of winning. The more exclusive a room is, the better your odds are of snapping up the jackpot.

Jackpot Game Rooms

If you’re like us, then you like to play in the big jackpot rooms online. These are the rooms with the largest amounts of cash to be won, though how you can win them does vary. Some examples are:

  • Sliding jackpot rooms – The prize starts at its maximum and then with each call it reduces until it is won or reaches its minimum.
  • Guaranteed jackpot rooms – In these rooms, someone has to win the prize and it stays consistent. That means that no matter how long the game goes on for or how many roomies enter, the prize stays the same.
  • Progressive jackpot rooms – If you like to get a lot of bang for your buck then check out these jackpot rooms. The more players that enter into the room, the higher the jackpot will go.

Free Rooms

Loads of bingo sites have designated rooms that are always free for their funded roomies. Some require that you’ve made a deposit in a set period of time and others are open to anyone that’s ever made a deposit. The prizes in these rooms are quite often loyalty points, free spins or gifts.

They’re always popular and are great for players on a budget. If you feel like you sometimes miss out because you can’t buy the maximum amount of tickets then these will have you playing with the same as everyone else.

Chat Rooms

Get social with a hosted room and get talking to your fellow roomies. The chat host will keep an eye on things and add in some games usually, sometimes trivia or quizzes. These rooms are great if you like to interact with others but there’s no need to if you don’t want to, as you can just play the game.

Now that you know all about these rooms, get out there and start playing in them! Check out the rooms on our favourite sites for a top notch time.

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