New Bingo Sites

We are seeing some interesting trends in the bingo market lately. These include game updates, different kinds of promotions, new payment options and a shifting focus on how and where people tend to play online bingo.

From these, we can make a few guesses as to what we can expect from new bingo sites coming up over the next year. Here is our prediction of some of the trends which we can expect to see developing in the bingo world over the next few months, based on what bingo sites have been doing recently, and what has been doing well.

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What’s Hot Right Now

Last year was a big year for bingo, with new online bingo sites outnumbering almost every other gambling type.


Bingo sites have begun to integrate more slot games into their offerings, with vast libraries filled with these games. This is something that will continue to grow on new bingo sites 2017 as bingo players seem to be enjoying the addition. They’re also generally hosting more slot based promos to cater to demand.

As an effect of this, some bingo site operators are branching out into slot game sites too. These include networks like Dragonfish and Jumpman Gaming creating their own dedicated sites. They have more promos aimed a slot game players and lots of them are receptive to this idea.


Bonuses as we know them are also changing, as companies attempt to become more creative. Most great sites have also jumped on the bandwagon and integrated more continuing player offers. These include things like refer a friend bonuses, spin the wheel rewards, VIP schemes and reloads.

Loyalty schemes are also becoming more interesting, as some offer players the chance to trade their points in for a reward of their choosing.

Bingo Apps

Freemium bingo apps are big business these days, as players access them through Facebook and on their smartphones. They can be played for free but to really succeed, players add in their own money. The market for these seems to be saturated already, but we might see a new one coming along to take the world by storm.
Not every player likes freemium apps though, as they see them as ways to play for free without winning anything. There are many paid apps that have free or cheap bingo that they can use instead for the opportunity to actually win money back.

How to Spot Top New Bingo Sites

Here are some of our essential factors that we look for when finding a new site to play on.

Best Payouts and RTP

If you check out the payout rate and RTP of a site then you’ll be much more informed on what the average user can expect. This percentage is essential for you to check out, as it will tell you how much you can hope to win from every wager that you make. The higher it is the better!

Great Promos

There’s nothing more frustrated than playing on a site only to find they never have any promotions going on, sound familiar? We love new sites that put a lot of effort into providing not just newbie promos, but also jackpot games, loyalty schemes, giveaways and seasonal promotions.

Fair Play

Great new bingo sites have all the accreditation they need to prove that you’re playing fairly. If you’re worried that a bingo site is fixed, then take time to do some digging on their license and fair play testing.

Try and take a few or all of these into account the next time you’re choosing between a few new bingo sites, they can make a big difference.


There are many ways to pay at the best new bingo sites, as operators are finally realising that their players want these options. Vouchers and eWallets are dominating this arena at the moment, though they offer very different services. Vouchers are gaining a bit more popularity, but eWallets have been around since the early 2000s and have a massive user base.

We’re seeing new payment options for players every day! This is a great trend as you can look forward to experimenting with cryptocurrencies and other new payment methods to protect yourself.

What are we online bingo fans getting tired of?

Perhaps the best way to gauge this is to look at what sites have done well in bingo awards ceremonies voted for by players. When we take this in to account we can see that players seem to be drawn towards sites which offer a very unique gaming experience, with prizes and games which link in well with the theme of the site and are not found anywhere else.

What can we Expect in the Future?

As 2017 comes to a close and we get ready for 2018, we’re eager to see what changes in the bingo world. For starters, we think that the following aspects will change:

  • Fewer Wagering Requirements – This year, we’ve seen a lot of sites get rid of their wagering requirements, with entire networks of no wager sites appearing. As players become accustomed to these sites, they probably won’t want to switch back to ones with wagering requirements.
  • More Creative Games – We’re bound to see developers creating new slot and casino games, this is a given. What we’re interested in are the ones that will be really creative and include elements from other genres. Mash ups and cross overs can create some of the best games, so it will be great to see where 2018 takes us in this regard. Alongside this, we’ll also be excited to find out what new bingo variants will be released too.
  • Better Social Media Offers – Brands that we see the most of on social media are the ones that are actually giving their players something. If we see this then the experts will be too! Hopefully this will lead to enhanced offers that make it worth it to like a site on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. This could be a bonus for liking the page initially or a cheeky exclusive promotion. The actual presence on social media is important too, as sites have to craft a nice community on there too.
  • Further No Deposit Offers – You just can’t beat playing on new bingo sites no deposit required and in 2018, we’ll see this happening more and more often. Free bingo no deposit 2018 will need to up their game to stand out though, as with more sites come more competition.
  • New Legislation – Towards the end of 2017, the UK Gambling Commission have really been cracking down in a number of ways. This will continue as time goes on, as they continue to protect the consumer by cracking down on sites with unfair terms or limits. Overall this is a great thing, as sites that are already compliant have nothing to worry about.
  • Better Payment Options – It has been a while since PayPal was the only option out there but some sites still seem to be stuck thinking this. We’re eager to see new payment methods like cryptocurrencies and mobile payments making their way into the mainstream.
  • Improved T&Cs for Players – Not only will we see unfair sites being eradicated from new bingo sites 2018 ranks, ones with high wagering requirements or deposit minimums will become less popular. Within this, we’ll see players having more access and control over their overall deposits, limits and data.
  • The Sky is the Limit! – With AR, VR and other tech developments, who knows how we’ll be playing bingo this time next year? While we can’t always speculate how exactly this tech will go down, it will certainly be an interesting ride.

The Future for No Deposit Bingo Sites

There have been some massive changes to how free bets and bonuses are being regulated in the UK. The UK Government have decided that no deposit bingo sites have to pay a tax on the amount they give out, as though it were real money. This may mean that no deposit bonuses get a bit smaller, or that we get different kinds of bonuses.

Changes to No Deposit Offers

Rest assured that you will still find new bingo sites no deposit required but perhaps you’ll get some free spins or access into a newbie room instead. These bonuses are a bit different and are not taxed, so sites will lean more towards them as to not affect their bottom line. Cozy Games were historically known for giving big no deposit bonuses, but they’ve since switched to free bingo instead.

With some sites, they’ve decided just to keep their no deposit bonus and pay the tax. Since the tax is so new presently, free bingo no deposit 2018 will still come along as they want to test the waters for themselves. If players still deposit and the tax is worth it then it may just be worth it to pay the tax for some operators. This is debatable for the moment and each site owner will make their own decisions in this regard.

T&Cs and the Fine Print

We may also see further T&Cs in place to reduce the number of bonuses that they give out or the ways in which you can use them, as ever keep your eyes peeled on that fine print! These offers may change in ways that aren’t obvious from the outset, perhaps limiting winnings or withdrawals. Be savvy and you won’t get a nasty surprise.

We hope that you found this guide informative, feel free to bookmark it in your browser and come back when you need a bit of a refresher. We’re always keeping our new sites updated too, you can rest assured that if you see them listed here they are safe and fun to get playing on.

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