Free Bingo Sites

A free bingo site might sound like a bingo player’s fantasy – but we can assure you that they’re very real. Well, kind of. There aren’t usually sites where you can win free money without having to spend anything – although there are a few where you can win prizes or vouchers – but there are bingo sites which offer players the opportunity to cash in on free bingo in a variety of different ways. Here are a few different ways in which players can make big wins for free on fantastic bingo games.

Here are some fantastic sites offering free bingo:

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Bingo Hollywood

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Bingo sites that offer free games for real money

For example, there are some bingo sites which offer players the opportunity to play in free games on the site in exchange for real money. In order to do so, you usually do need to have deposited and wagered on the site, and there may be a limit on how many free games you can play – but you are able to join in games for free and cash in on profits.

There are different time set ups for most of these games, some may only run on specific days during the week, others at specific times during the day, and some may be available to play at all times.

Free newbie rooms

Many bingo sites often offer a free room for new players to play in (which is a trend we’re also predicting for new bingo sites 2017). Usually there will be a limit on how long you can play in the newbie room, and on most sites you will only be able to play for up to a week – but you can win lots of fun prizes, bonuses and real cash, absolutely free! Alternatively, a room might only open one night a week, and anyone who has deposited within the last seven days is welcome to play in it.

Penny bingo games

Just a small step up from Free Bingo games is Penny Bingo. Penny Bingo is, as you might guess, where you play with tickets costing just 1p for prizes of around £30. Usually these games will be found in specific rooms across the site. Sometimes you may be able to get BOGOF deals as well, so you’re literally paying half-a-penny per ticket. Penny Bingo games might not be totally free, but they do offer the chance to make a decent profit.

Difference between free bingo and no deposit bingo

Free bingo is not to be confused with no deposit bingo, although the two are similar and allow players to play for free. Free bingo is where a player is able to join in on a bingo game without having to wager anything on that game. However, in most cases the player will have had to have made a deposit on the site before being able to join in the game. On the flip side, any winnings made during this game are yours, without having to worry about wagering requirements. There is also often a limit on how many free games you can play.

Meanwhile, a no deposit bonus is a certain amount of free bingo bonus cash which a player is given before they have deposited on the site. This is very important, because a player does not need to have deposited anything in order to spend their bonus cash. However, whilst any wins made with bonus cash are technically the players, on most bingo sites you will be required to deposit and wager a certain amount before you can access your winnings. Usually this will be your no deposit bonus, your first deposit and any further bonus added on to that multiplied by a certain number. So, as you can see, free bingo is much different from no deposit bingo.

Tip: when you’ve exhausted your free bingo funds and would like to make a deposit, you don’t have to risk your credit card details! Click here to learn how.

Keep an eye out for fun free bingo sites available to play online.