Progressive Jackpot Slots

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If you want the chance to win big from an online game, and we mean really big, then you have to check out progressive jackpot slots. These games are super popular and very rewarding, so don’t miss out on your chance to change your life.

Where To Find The Best Progressive Jackpot Slots

Players that want to play on some of the top progressive slots can get their fix on these sites:

Wink Bingo – This massive bingo site has some massive jackpots in their lobby with games like Millionaire Genie and The Royals.

PocketWin – Claim a no deposit bonus of £5 here to pop into their slots section, check out their exclusive games too!

Bingo Hollywood – We love this site and their jackpot slots certainly have real star quality!

Make sure you head over to the T&Cs of these sites before you get gaming!

What Is A Progressive Jackpot Slot?

Before we get right into progressive jackpot slots online, let’s first take a look at what these games are all about. The progressive jackpot part of the title means that there aren’t fixed multipliers in the game to act upon your bet, instead the top prize is generated from wagers. They start the game with seed money and then when players wager on it, part of their bet is added to the prize pool.

This allows the jackpot to climb unfettered and reach amazing heights, sometimes millions of pounds!

Can I Play With Bonus Funds Or Free Spins?

This is a big no no for progressive games, as they accept real cash only. You may be able to try the game in a demo mode but you won’t really be playing for real. If you have bonus funds in your account, these are usually used up first but with these games they’re ignored while your real cash balance is used.

Does How Much I Bet Matter?

In order to win one of those progressive slot jackpots how much you choose to bet comes into play. Most of these games only allow players that have a minimum wager per spin to win it. If you’re playing for just a few pennies then you’re not contributing much to the jackpot, so it makes sense that you can’t win it.

On some games, like the Mega Jackpots series, you can bet more to increase your chance to win. It’s up to players to decide if they want to up their bet for this reason.

When Will The Jackpot Drop?

The jackpot of a slot game can be triggered in a few different ways, some common ones are:

  • A combination of symbols
  • Randomly
  • Through a bonus feature
  • A combination of winning spins

These will depend on the game and you can usually find the details regarding this in the paytable.

Standalone Vs. Network Progressive Jackpot Slot

Just like bingo games, these jackpots can be networked across a few sites or just on a standalone site. The jackpot tends to get bigger, faster on these networked sites but the player is vying against more players to win it. Standalone sites can have a more modest jackpot but with less players you’re more likely to win.

How Does RTP Effect Winnings?

If you’re a super savvy slot player then you may know about the return to player percentage. This means how many times out of 100 you can expect to win. On a progressive jackpot game, the return to player is usually a little lower but the rewards are much higher.

Because the progressive jackpot takes a part of each player’s wager the gameplay mechanics are adjusted slightly. If you compare two of the same slots, one with a progressive and the other with a standard jackpot, then you will notice that the former’s RTP is lower.

Are There Ts And Cs To Think About?

The following terms and conditions apply when you play, and potentially win, one of these games:

  • Winnings may not be paid out all in one go.
  • There may be withdrawal limits in place on your jackpot.
  • You may be required to give the site permission to publish your name, picture or testimony.
  • You might need to clear a security or identity check.

Just bear these in mind and if you win that big jackpot you’ll know what that entails.


These games can offer players unmeasured fun, excitement and cash prizes. They can be found on sites all over the internet and they’re just waiting for you to have a go!

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